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Child Safety Anti Tip Furniture and TV Straps

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Child Safety Anti Tip Furniture and TV Straps
Military Grade Straps
Clear Outlet Plugs 36
Best America’s proven number one TV and furniture strap.
Our 100% impact-resistant ABS straps are the first choice for millions of parents worried about a safe and hazard-free home for their children. 
Peace of mind 
Never again will you feel fearful and anxious your child is at risk of serious injury or fatality. Our guaranteed safe anti-tipping straps protect your precious children allowing you to sleep secure and turn your back with confidence. 
  • Quality 
    Don’t leave your child’s safety to a piece of cheap plastic! Our child proof ABS straps arrive factory tested and are produced with only the highest quality materials to give you full ease of mind - no cheap plastics, no velcro and no glue! You will NOT be able to pull or tip the TV down once these are anchored in.
    Easy installation
    Pop open the box, check out the included tools and high-quality metal installation hardware, and get started securing your home. Included with the tools and hardware is a 3-step, user-friendly installation guide – even if you’ve never handled a screwdriver in your life, we’ll make it simple and quick for you to secure your home, and give yourself the peace of mind that you need. NOTE for best protection and results, 2 straps are required per TV or piece of furniture.BUY NOW
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    About the product 
    Proven Furniture Straps That WORKS! Made by US brand Skyla Homes™ (R).
    Questions + Answers

    Customer Reviews

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    • For a package containing 8 straps, how many pieces of furniture will that secure?


      Thanks for your question. A minimum of 2 straps per piece of furniture is recommended to secure them properly. Feel free to contact us if you need any other help.


    • Can you use this for a tv, or do i purchase tv straps separately?


      Yes you can use these for the TV. We secured our TV with these straps and it works great.


    • Where are these straps manufactured?

      These straps are designed in our office in the United Kingdom and produced in our factory in China. They are rigorously factory tested and have the highest reviews from other Amazon buyers. If you are not 100% satisfied by our product, we will give you a 100% no hassle refund. We are that convinced by the quality we stand for. 

      Thank you,

    • How long are these? Due to baseboard radiators, our furniture sits 5\" from the wall. Will this be long enough to work?

      The straps give a maximum span between location points of 25 inches (2ft 1"), so you should be fine. Buying with Skyla Homes is always risk-free. If it doesn't 100% satisfy you, just return it. We care about making your home safer. 

      Thank you,

    • Would this work for a fish tank?

      If you anchor the stand into a wall stud, it should work.

      Thank you,

    • The package has one wall screw and 2 wood screws per strap. Is one wall screw sufficient to attach to the wall and if so, is wall stud required?

      Yes, absolutely. One wood screw is sufficient to attach to wall. Wall stud is highly desirable.  If you do not have a wall stud, then you must use the wall anchor provided instead, which will equally do the job of anchoring the strap. 

      Thank you

    • Does it install easily to cinderblock? Many of the walls in our house are cinderblock, which so far has proven very difficult to screw or anchor into.

      They do if you have a masonry bit and special anchors.

      Thank you,

    • Is there a weight capacity for the straps?

      Each strap supports up to 70kg. We recommend you use at least 2 straps on each piece of furniture / TV you use. 

      Thank you,

    • Are the anti tip straps designed to attach to the wall-mount screw holes in the back of the TV?

      These anti-tip straps are designed to fit any TV up to 70" with industry standard VESA mounting holes - yes, the wall-mount screw holes that you mention. Some TVs come with small plugs over the VESA mounts or with bolts already installed in them. See if the manufacturer has information on locating the VESA mounts on their website. Most new TVs should have these holes. Hope this helps. 

    • How many lbs of load can this hold ?

      Hello Dilip,

      Seller here :)
      Many thanks for your question. The weight limit recommended for each strap is 88 to 110 pounds, but we advise a minimum of two straps per installation. We do hope that helps. 
      Best regards,  Skyla

    • Will they work on a large china breakfront?

      Yes. Absolutely. Be sure to install 2 straps and it should hold perfectly. If you encounter any issues, and are not 100% satisfied, we are always happy to give you a full 100% no hassle refund as our commitment to quality. 
      Thank You

    Earthkuaqe Protection:

    Not just for protecting your child, our straps can also be used to secure your flat screen TVs, cabinets, shelves, dressers, bookshelves and other large pieces of furniture in the event of earthquake. They can prove to be very useful if you are living in an earthquake-prone zone.

    Heavy Duty & Extra Strong Hold:

    No cheap plastic parts, glue or Velcro. Our straps are crafted from ABS plastic for required durability and longevity. Triple stitching won’t tear that easily and stainless steel hardware ensures extra hold (not like flimsy plastic hardware that comes off after one jerk).

    Universal Fit & Easy To Remove:

    Bookshelves, dressers, cabinet, armoires or TV, our furniture straps can be used to secure them all. Mounting plates have been designed to fit into all types of large and heavy furniture. The quick release detachable feature allows you to remove the straps when needed.
    1 Million Satisfied Customers
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    America's #1 Safety Brand