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Baby Diaper Backpack

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Baby Diaper Backpack
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America’s best diaper bag !
Transform your look with this stylish, spacious and resourceful diaper bag, designed for trendy Mum’s and Dad’s.
Exclusive stroller strap design 
Two adjustable stroller straps added, allowing easy mobility when travelling with stroller. Removable stroller straps are a thing of the past!
Pockets galore 
Plenty of useful pockets. Comes with a side tissue pocket too, with side-insulated Pockets. Two front waterproof pockets for diaper.
Comfort first 
Extra soft foam padding for a relaxed back and preserves body integrity. Guaranteed comfort whilst carrying.
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Questions + Answers

Customer Reviews

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  • Are the side pockets big enough to fit a large waterbottle?


    Yes. One side is for the wipes and the other one can fit the big water bottle.


  • Can I wash this diaper bag?


    You'd have to hand wash. The tag on the inside says not to machine wash and do not dry clean.


  • What is the return policy if I put this on our registry and my wife doesn’t like it when she actually sees it in person?


    This item is fulfilled by amazon and comply with amazon return policy. Free return within 30 days. 

    Thank you,

  • What is your warranty?


    We provide a lifetime warranty for this bag since we believe in quality for our product. 

    Thank you,

  • Does the tissue/baby wipes pouch on the side work well?


    It depends on the size of your wipe package. Most normal wipe packages will fit.


  • Is there a way to take off those ugly and really annoying looking handles on the top of the bag? They would mak me mad and get in my way!

    I'm so sorry but that can be not. The handle on the top is made for convient to carry the diaper bag. Thank you for your suggestion and we will improve our design to make the handle both practical and good looking. 


  • So are you pleased with the purchase? It seems like a very cheap option compared to other same diaper bags. What do you think?

    I am VERY happy! I too was skeptical about it because it was MUCH cheaper than other diaper bags that range from $50-$100. At $45 I decided, that the heck, I will give it a go. Both my husband and I LOVE IT! I am SO glad we did not buy the bags we had been looking at, at Babies R Us, Target, Walmart, etc. They are so expensive, and this bag feels even better than some of those did. Best $45 I ever spent! 

  • Can this bag be monogrammed?

    Yes, it's possible, absolutely. :)


  • Is this machine washable?


    Yes, absolutely :)

    Thank you for this question!

    Regards, Skyla

  • Can a pack of wipes fit where the tissues go on the side?

    Yes, It’s big enough to hold the plastic flip top packs, and even has a little magnet to help shut it closed when not in use. 

  • Please tell the exact size in inches?

    17.9 x 3.9 x 153.6 inches. I definitely recommend buying! 

  • What are the dimensions?

    Dimensions: 17.9 x 12.8 x 3.9 inches 
    Unit Weight: 2.25 pounds 

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