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Please watch the instructional video first, and then proceed to the step-by-step guide provided below this video. Good luck!

Before installation, please ensure that the lock is responsive to the magnetic key when tested against your furniture. Be aware that the large metallic components within the furniture may interfere with the magnetic field and potentially prevent the locks from responding to the key.


Find the cradle. Cradle aligns components without the need for measures.


Locate the latch and assemble it on top of the cradle. It'll 'click' once in place.


Locate the lock, ensure that it is turned off when installing by lifting the switch upwards. This action disengages the lock, facilitating the installation process.


Place the lock inside the cradle, it should move freely within the cradle.

STEP 5: 

Determine the location for installing. The most common installation is when the door is not inserted into the frame. As depicted in the photo, in this scenario, the latch is aligned with the edge of the cabinet's frame at the same level, as the door is not inserted into the frame.
However, you might encounter a situation where the latch needs to be installed at a certain depth. We refer to these situations as 'door is inserted into the frame,' indicating that the cabinet door fits inside the frame when closed. In such cases, measure the thickness of the door and subtract this measurement from the length required for the door to close securely.



Clean the surface in the location of the installation using wipes, let the area dry.
Proceed to peeling off the adhesive from the latch. This latch is the only piece that needs to be sticked manually (with the cradle attached).


Stick the latch to a ceiling or a wall of the cabinet.

STEP 8: 

Gently remove the adhesive from the lock by either taking the lock out, peeling it off, and then putting it back, or, as shown in the photo, delicately peel off the adhesive while only touching the center of the lock.

 STEP 9: 

Ensure that the lock is properly positioned in the cradle.
Proceed to close the door, which will precisely adhere the lock securely to the door.

 STEP 10: 

The final outcome should resemble the photo shown.
Congratulations on completing the process successfully! If, by any chance, you encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to assist you.

 STEP 11: 

Apply firm pressure on the units to ensure proper adhesion, then remove the cradle for use in the next installation.

 STEP 12: 

To store your magnetic key safely and conveniently, stick the base of the magnet key somewhere out of reach of children. The key should not get accidentally accessed by children, whilst be easily accessible for you when you need it.

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