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Installation of the Magnetic Cabinet Lock

 Watch the video and follow the simple step-by-step guide below, and you will make it work for sure!



Find the cradle. It aligns components during the installation without the need for measures.


Assemble the latch on the top of the cradle. The latch will hold the lock.


Find the lock and turn it off by lifting the switch upwards. This will disengage the lock and will make the installation process easier.


Put the lock inside the cradle, as seen on the photo.



Peel off adhesive from the latch on top of the cradle. This latch is the first part that we are going to stick.


Stick the latch (altogether with the cradle) to the ceiling or a wall of the cabinet.

 STEP 7: 

The most-common installation method is when the door is NOT inserted into the frame. As shown on the photo, in such case, the latch is leveled to the edge of the cabinet's frame, at the same level, because the door is not inserted into the frame. In various other cases, you may find the need to install the latch at a depth. We call such cases 'door is inserted into the frame', meaning the cabinet door goes inside the frame when shut. In such case, measure the thickness of the door and skip this length needed for the door to stay shut properly. 

 STEP 8: 

Peel adhesive off the lock and make sure the lock stays in place in the cradle.

 STEP 9: 

Close the door, this will automatically stick the lock precisely to the door.

 STEP 10: 

Almost ready, well done!

 STEP 11: 

Remove the cradle for the next install.

 STEP 12: 

Peel off adhesive on the base of the key-holder and stick it out of children's reach, to store the magnetic key conveniently & safely.


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