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Lifetime warranty certificates are ORDER ID # dependent. Each order is subject to registration. A lifetime warranty cannot be transferred to another person or company. When issue occurs with a Skyla Homes product included in this warranty terms and the problem is caused by a manufacturing defect material or by workmanship; Skyla Homes will send a replacement free of charge in accordance with the warranty terms and conditions stated in the Terms Of Services. To keep your warranty valid, the product needs to be used, maintained and operated in compliance with product instructions.To submit a claim, contact Skyla Homes customer support. A warranty claim must be submitted with as short delay as possible. The information you provide on the registration form will be saved in the Skyla Homes Exclusive Customer register. This information will be used for customer services, marketing communications and technical support. Skyla Homes reserves the right to contact the customer, for example, to solve any problems with the equipment, for advance notice regarding technical issues, and to announce product updates.

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