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Putting your child first

Putting your child first

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Over 703548+ Happy Parents
Richard and Karen Gauthier


Product: Child Safety Cabinet Locks

Great product, Many sellers sell similar items, but these are easy to install  and holds very well thanx to the cleaning pads that comes with the product. Shipping took exactly 2 days as promised.

The customer service is what differentiates this vendor from any other! Skyla was always prompt and attentive in addressing any questions or concerns I might have. She stands by her products and is committed to customer service. I would recommend these child safety locks to every parent looking to making their home safer for their little ones. And I would highly recommend Skyla and the products of Skyla Homes if you want to purchase from someone committed to delivering fantastic customer service. 

Alexis Abney


Product: Clear Corner Protectors

Each inner edge has a sticky side that allows for them to be secured firmly onto the furniture corners. They stick on great and don't get knocked/pulled off easy. I was also worried that the adhesive would peel of the furniture paint but that doesn't seem to be happening! Excellent product and I would but from their company again!

Edited to add:
They also remove fairly easily, without damaging! Just heat with a hairdryer and it loosens the adhesive. We did have a bit of the adhesive left behind but some goo gone took it right off.

Tanya Marie Rogish


Product: Child Safe Anti Tip Furniture Strap

ALL of the hardware you need for installation is included. All of the screws, wall anchors, etc. Great value. 

I like the straps, the instructions were quite clear (not sure why some reviews say otherwise), and I like that all the needed hardware came with it. Before you install, do some research to understand where your studs are, their thickness and measure several times before you drill and install. If you find the stud, the 1 long screw is plenty.

Having said all this, I have 2 tall bookcases each being supported by 2 straps, and I'm not planning to hang on them as my weight is 2x more than the bookcase (while it's empty of course!) just to test them out. I pulled a bit on the straps to test and seemed fine. Make sure you follow instructions - the height of the buckle that you screw into the wall should be 6 inches below the buckle that goes into your TV/dresser - that way the strap teeth dig into the strap and it won't be loosey goosey.

Kimberly Fenella Cox


Product: Clear Table Corner Guard

These were what I was looking for - something with a low profile to put on furniture corners to prevent catastrophic injury.

They are unobtrusive and blend in well with the furniture. The corners are made out of fairly hard, though not solid, silicone. I guess I would have liked them to be a bit softer, but the material is similar to all the other corner protectors out there. It will still cause pain and a bruise in case of a direct hit - but it won't kill the child. My son loves looking at our fish and we were worried he was going to bump his head on the sharp corners of the stand. Literally 10 minutes after I installed them he did. He didn't cry!  They stick on well and so far he has not pulled them off. I gave one a tug and it seems to be on there pretty well. The clear looks nice. We have installed them on all sharp corners. These are great bumpers!
Aside from that - easy to apply. No issues with shipping and delivery.

Pavan Kumar Patel


Product: Magnetic Baby Locks

Greatly appreciated your promptness in taking care of me thanks again and I surely will recommend you guys.

Some have commented on the template being slightly out to achieve latching of the doors, however, differing cabinet manufacturers have differing gaps between the front (door/drawer) and frame/carcass. Since most cabinets have door/drawer bumps, you have to account for this. My cabinets are front frameless (European type), have Blum door hinges (very adjustable) and relatively large door/drawer bumps. Therefore the template was slightly out, but experimenting on placement for one door allowed the others to be installed with no problem. My suggestion is to place the main part of the lock on the door/drawer in position, then just cut off a small amount of the adhesive cover on the latch lock strip to expose a small amount of adhesive to experiment with positioning until it is satisfactory.

A'shadieeyah Sajjadi


Product: Sliding Cabinet Lock

Fast delivery and a good product. Very pleased!

After trying the spring loaded hooks with double stick adhesive that kept falling off our cabinets, I went with these, and now only wish I did so originally. Though not as discrete, they don't clash as bad as I originally thought against our white cabinets. These locks are also far easier to unlock than trying to stick your fingers behind a partially open cabinet door. And yes, keeps toddlers out!

Emmanuel Abara


Product: Kids Step Stool

Way more affordable than on Amazon!!!

These are the perfect height for my 2 year old (36 1/2 inches tall) to stand on the top step and reach the water faucet. He can't quite reach the knobs without being on his tippy toes but I don't let him turn the water on and off himself anyway. They are lightweight and easy for him to move himself, but sturdy enough that they are safe. Some people complained about the width but I think it's plenty wide so long as he isn't goofing around. It's also a good height for him to climb on the adult toilet himself which is great for the bathroom that doesn't have a toddler toilet.

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